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Watch my new video HERE!!!


My new video is now finally up on my youtube channel, YAY! Took a while but I managed to upload it this morning but I did not have time to blog. But now I can finally show you guys, So for this weeks video me and my cousin did the ”try to not laugh challenge” I know it is a bit different from what I have done in the past but I wanted to try something new and It was so much fun filming it, we laugh the whole time trying to make the intro, I have so many bloopers but the video would have been 20min long if I kept them all haha.


Editing a video takes so long, even though I think it is a lot of fun to edit a video ,sitting and watching the same clip over and over again you kind of get sick of it haha. I don’t know how the daily vloggers do it, specially the once who put a lot of effort in editing and put super cool effects and all that. But they make it work, so that means I need to make it work. My goal right now is to post one video a week, and when I feel like I have a hang of it then I will try to post 2 times a week! We will so how this will go haha. <3

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Your insecurities someone else can see as beauty!


Coat, Earrings & bag Mango (on sale now!) | Shoes Nelly (on sale here) | Jeans Urban Outfitters | Gloves (here) and Top Gina Tricot 


I have been trying to upload my new Youtube video for hours now but It is taking forever to upload! I even tried to make the file smaller but it is still not working, I am now trying to upload it from my laptop instead and it is working but it still is taking forever, so my video will be up tomorrow instead (sorry). And this is also why I am posting this blog post so late. I don’t wanna tell you guys too much about what the video is going to be about but its something new I am trying and it tured out really funny!


I don’t know if you guys have noticed this, but I am shooting my outfits more and more without sunglasses, this might sound weird but sunglasses was my way of hiding my ”ugly eyes”! I have for a long time now had insecurities with my eyes, I just do not like them and sunglasses was my way of hiding them. Looking back at my old outfit photos from when I just started blogging I was so shy and scared of being infront of the camera, that quickly changed the more outfits pictures I took, but I was still so insecurities about my eyes that I always wore sunglasses to cover them up. But now I am learning to except them more and more. I feel like I need to do a whole post about this subject because who has not had insecurities about there bodys and always wonder when or how will you learn to accept it. One thing I have learn about myself is that whenever I smile or laugh and do not think so much about it, it always turns out great. I took these pictures with a new photographer that I have never meet before and was no nervous (I still always get a bit nervous when someone new takes pictures of me) but just by not thinking so much about it she managed to capture an amazing pictures of my putting my cloves on and laughing about how stupid I am not wearing a scarf when it was so cold outside haha. The point is not to think about it too much because your insecurities someone else can se as beauty!


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Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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Clear Glasses



Glasses from Nividas Here


I don’t know if you guys know this but I actually wear glasses, well not all the time but at home and whenever I am in front of the computer or watching tv. I dont really wear my glasses outside my house but resonantly my sight have become worst which have made me have to wear them more often. I normally hate wearing glasses and I always have a hard time finding the right one that are stylish but still fits me. Nividas were kindly enough to let me go and check out there collection and I feel in love with these clear glasses! Not only do’s they fit my small face, but because they are clear they also go’s with everything in my closet. I defiantly recommend you all to go and have a look at there site (here) if you are looking for the perfect per of glasses (or sunglasses) for you.

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Winter Wonderland

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Coat, Shoes Here & Bag Zara | Top Similar here & gloves here Gina Tricot | Jeans outfitters | Earring Mango


After having a cozy weekend inside with my wonderful family in Uppsala (30 min away from Stockholm), I am now back at work. It has been so cold outside these past few days that I have tried to stay inside as much as possible, I don’t really like the cold, I mean how many does, but when the cold looks like a winter wonderland I can’t help but go out and freeze a bit to see how beautiful Stockholm looks in white snow.


Even though the holidays are over red is still going to be a color I will be rocking this spring, It is so classic and brightens up any boring outfit. As you probably can see in the pictures above I might even have gone a lite overboard with it haha. So sale season is here (YAY) have you guys been doing some shopping? I sure have, almost everything from this outfit I got from sale, specially these Zara shoes I been wanting for a while but never got around to buy them until I found them on sale in the Zara website (score!!) Love that feeling when you find something you wanted to buy for a while on sale, best feeling ever! Hope you all are having a great start of the new week! <3


Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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Think purple.copy

1. Saks Potts Here | 2. BOYY BAG Here | 3. Zalando Here | 4. Zalando Here | 5. Stories Here | 6. Gucci Here


Hope you all are having an awesome weekend so far, I am right now in Uppsala with my family about to have our family dinner before it is time for me to go back to work again. It is so cold right now so I am going to spend my weekend inside and watch some movies with my little cousin.


Something new I want to try here on my blog is to share with you some things I am lovning at the moment and it can really be anything, so here we go!

A color I been in too lately is purple Specially that pastel purple color!


Something I have been thinking of buying for a while now is that gucci belt, everyone is wearing it at the moment but I would like to get one in silver instead of gold that everyone is wearing.


A boyy bag I have had on my wish list for a while now is not only the Chanel boy bag that we all know of, but this beauty that I have seen a lot during fashion week last season and fell in love with it ever since, a boyy bag!

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New Video HERE


Finally a new youtube video is up on my channel!! And it is a video of what most of you have been requesting, a Curly hair tutorial! but this time I am showing you how how I like to refresh my curls during the colder months. Now that it is winter time my curls get really dry and needs a lot of moisture. I also try not to wash my hair that often, and this is what I like to do when I refresh my curls. I hope you guys like it!

I love to creating videos and I also feels like my personality comes out way more on video then on writing haha. This year I am going to put more time on creating videos and focus more on outfits post here on my blog. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how this go’s, hopefully I can manage it haha.

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Let’s Make This Our Year!

salem.indrias01 salem.indrias09 salem.indrias22 salem.indrias03 salem.indrias44 salem.indrias08 salem.indrias05

Photo by Ellen Waldton


Hoodie, Pants & Shoes JD Sports  | Coat Topshop | Backpack Accent 


Happy New Year guys! Hope you all had a great start of the new year. I myself spend it with my family and friends and had a great time. 2016 was not the best year for me, I didn’t feel like I worked as hard as I could on my goals but this year I am hungry and I am going to hustle. I have a lot of things planned not only for my blog but also my youtube channel, but more on that later. I took a little break from blogging and Instagram just to reload my batteries but now I am back! After all the festivities and wearing heels and dresses I have been walking around comfy cloths for 2 days now and I am loving it, specially this set. Anyways talk to you guys really soon and lets make this year our year! 😀

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Cristo Redentor

salem-indriasIMG_4522 salem-indriasIMG_4452 Salem-IndriasIMG_4509

– in collaboration with sverigemotiv.se –


A city I always wanted to visit is Rio and even though I don’t have any plans to go there anytime soon pimping my wall with cities I love and want to travel to helps the wait a bit and keeps reminding me to save up some money to go there. A site I recently stumble up on and right now having a collaboration with is Sverigemotiv, they have a bunch of cool posters of different citys and because I always wanted to go to Ria I choose the epic statue of Cristo Redentor! I also got a poster of the Eiffel tower because I never been to Paris as well (but hopefully that will change next year!)


If you like me love decorating your wall with Posters check out www.sverigemotiv.se


And if you Use the Code Salem20 You will get 20% of your order!


Happy shopping!

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How To Make A Big Coat Fit You?

Salem.Indrias-IMG_3977 copy Salem.Indrias-IMG_4008 copy Salem.Indrias-IMG_3939 copy Salem.Indrias-IMG_4013 copy Salem.Indrias-IMG_3970 copy Salem.Indrias-IMG_4004 copy Salem.Indrias-IMG_3902 Salem.Indrias-IMG_4016 copy Salem.Indrias-IMG_3989 copy

Coat River Island similar here | Balt Åhlens Here | Top and Shoes Zara | Pants H&M | Bag & Other Stories 


Hey guys! Finally a new outfit post, been a while! I been sick and there for been laying in bed with my PJ which I don’t think will be a great look to post haha.
Something new in my closet is this gorgeous light blue coat! even though it is a little bit to big for me I still had to get it, but I also thought this could be a great way to show you guys how to make any big coat fit you. The easiest way to make a coat or any top look like it fit you better is to either fold the sleeves or just drag them up like I did on this outfit, having to long and big sleeves can really make anything look way to big for you. Or put a balt on it. super easy and it will make any coat fit a lot better.


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To be black, and buy makeup in Sweden?

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Photos from a Maybelline event this fall in Copenhagen


Living in Sweden and being a women of color it can make hard to find make up that fits your skin color. I remember when I first decided to start using makeup in high school and trying to find something that would look good on me was so difficult and if I did managed to find something it was really expensive. I have still to this day not found a foundation that I like, I gave up trying after getting the wrong color shade for the first 3 years of trying to find something for me.
Tidningen Frida contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a interview about this after they read a year ago in my blog how hard it was for me finding make up that worked for me, and now you can read the Interview HERE (Sorry for my english readers but its is only in Swedish) In the interview you can read more about how it was finding make up for me growing up as well how my first photoshoot ever was my worst due to the makeup.

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