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Jeans (here) and Top (here) – AG Jeans | Jacket, shoes and Sunglasses – Zara | Earrings (Here) – Mango | Watch – Boom Watches


Now that spring is here taking outfit pictures is so much easier and way more fun! Me and friend Mikaela managed to take these pictures above in less then 15 min and during winter time it usually takes me like 30 min because of the bad lighting and I also don’t freeze my ass of anymore haha. Thank you sun!


You guys know by now how much I love red and I will keep wearing it during the summer time as well, just can’t get enough of this classic color. Now that spring is here white is also a color I love more and more, I mean how cool are not these flare jeans and they fit me perfectly and I usually never find jeans that fit me, they are either to big on my waist and fit perfectly on my hips or the other way around. But once in a while I do find them, and I absolutly love these jeans!


Hope you guys are having an awesome week so far <3

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Salem.IndriasIMG_0308-copy copy



A few weeks ago I had a huge closet clear out, I had about 6 bags full of cloths that I didn’t need anymore or just don’t use, some of the things I never even wore before. Brands send me a lot of stuff and some things just is not in my liking. It made me realize that I have a lot of cloths, more then what I need and it also made me think about my family and people in Eritrea that barely have any. I am right now selling all my cloths that I don’t need online at Sellpy and all the money I earn from this will go straight to families but mostly kids in need of cloths and food.


This may not be much but It is something to help the people in need! <3

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Set River Island HERE | Top Zara | Bag Zadig & Voltaire | Shoes Zara


I just got back from a weekend with my girls in Copenhagen to celebrate my best friend’s birthday! I really needed a weekend trip with my girls just to hang out and have fun. I had such a stressful week with work and some personal stuff as well so this trip just came at a perfect time and event though we didn’t get a lot of sleep (we were too busy having fun hehe) I got some new energy and ready to start this week. It is so important to remember to take care of yourself when ever you are feeling stressed or down, my way is to just hang out with my friends and not think to much of whatever that is stressing me out.


It is finally starting to look like spring in Sweden (yay!!) and I am so happy about that, blogging during winter time is so difficulty specially when you want to take some cool outfit pictures outside. but now that the sun is shinning get ready for a lot of outfits here on my blog! I am so excited for spring/summer.
I got so many complicates of this look when I wore it, and I also saw that some of you liked it when I posted it on my instagram (don’t forget to follow me on instgram here) It is the perfect outfit to welcome the spring weather!


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Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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Photos by Maybelline

It is almost the weekend and I am right now on my way to Gothenburg together with NA-KD. to see what exactly I am doing there make sure to follow me on Instagram (HERE) I have been to Gothenburg a few times now but I have never really seen the city, every time I do go to Gothenburg it is always for a day or two with a brand, so the schedule is usually pretty packed but I love it anyway. This time I am only there for a day (even less then a day to be honest) but I am still super excited!

Yesterday I was at a lovely event with Maybelline where beautiful Madelene Bilman was the host! They showed us some of there new spring collections that will be in stores soon, we also got a huge goodie bag hihi. I have not had the chances to try all the products yet but I did use there new eyebrow pencil today and I love it, the color fit me perfectly. However I did get a bit disappointed on there lip products, the formula and everything is amazing but they had some darker nudes that would have looked so good on my skin tone in there collection but they are not going to sell them in Sweden wish sucks! This has been a problem I been having for so long. so many amazing brands don’t sell all there products here and it is usually the ”darker colored products. I had a little chat with he lovely team at maybellin and they said that it is the stores who decided how much of what they want to sell from that brand so its not there fault. I still feel like this has to change now that we are in 2017 should not everyone be abel to use makeup and not only the ”typical swedes”?

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– in collaboration with nelly.com –


IMG_1001511 copy IMG_0053 1copy



Happy International Women’s day! I am so proud to be a women and today is all about celebrating each and every women out there and together rule the world. It is also a day to help each other. Nelly.com is donating 170 SEK for every Girl Gang necklace (only cost 59 SEK) that’s being sold today to UNCHR and their projects for young girls and women on the run! Be part of the Girl Gang and help make a difference!

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Coat – NA-KD (Here) | Top – Zara (Similar here) | Fishnet – H&M (Similar here) | Shoes – Adidas | Bag – old


I rarely share my ”chill” outfits here on the blog, outfits that are pretty easy and not so thought out . I usually go for a more sporty look that is comfortable but with a pop of something. I got these adidas superstar with a pop of orange that I love can’t wait to style them with summer dresses in summer. speaking of weather it is so cold here in Sweden, I am so sick of the cold now, please let spring come soon.


Hope you guys had a great weekend by the way! Me and my Girls finally booked a weekend away to celebrate my best friends birthday. We are not going far just to Copenhagen but I am still so excited about it, its been a while since I went on a trip with my girls.


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Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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RYNEFELT_170130_012 cop1y



I have a new Vlog on my youtube channel (Finally). I love editing videos but It takes so long for me to edit them, I guess it is something I have to work on because I really wanna put up more youtube videos but also because it is so much fun to look back at them. Like my first video I made in 2014 going to Milan during Milan Fashion Week for the first time (you watch the video here) I was so proud of that video back then but now I have learn a lot more when it comes to editing haha.


For this Vlog you get to follow me during Stockholm Fashion Week, a Eritrean wedding and a cool Zalando event. I tried to make this vlog longer so this vlog is like a weekend vlog, I am still not super comfortable talking in front of a camera specially when there are random people around haha, but am going to get use to it eventually. I hope you guys like it and let me know what you think 😀


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YouTube Preview Image

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randommix_salemIMG_9945 randommix_salemIMG_9947 IMG_9948



Me and Freddie right after the show


This Monday I was on live TV for the first time ever!! If you live in Sweden you have probably already heard of Barnkanalen before, it is basically a channel for kid/ung youth and I got invited to be part of a show called Random Mix. I had never heard of this show before but after some ”googling” I just could not say no. Random mix is a show for the older kids to talk about different topics with different profiles and the audience watching can also live chat with the profiles, basically a awesome show!


I was so nervous before going live. I mean I have never done anything like this before and what if I say something wrong or even worst what if I froze. Ever since I was in the show It Girls (almost 2 years ago I was in a webb tv-show called It Girls in Sweden. If you wanna se the show click here, its in Swedish though) I have learned that you have to go out of your comfort zone to be able to grow as a person, even if it all go’s horribly at least you tried it and you will always learn something from it.

As soon as I got there and meet the whole crew they were so welcoming and sweet that everything felt so comfortable and while the show started the nerves just slowly disappeared. Freddie (the host of the show) Is such a sweetheart and has probably the best laugh ever, he made it all go so smoothly and the 30min that I was on air felt like 10 min it all just went so fast. I got to chat with so many kids (maybe some of you guys saw/chatted with me too) I wish I had the time to answer all the comments but time just ran out. I had so much fun being there and I hope I get to do more TV show appearances in the future.


Thank you Random Mix for having me  had a blast!

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20% OFF AT NA-KD.COM BY USING SALEM10 (valid for 24 hours)


Jeans NA-KD (HERE) | Coat, Sweater & Shoes ( similar Here & Here) – Zara | Bag – Zadig & Voltaire | Skinny Scarf – NA-KD (Here) | Fishnet Socks – H&M (similar HERE)


My lovely readers I am so sorry for not posting anything here for the past 2 weeks, I have been sick with probably the worst flu I have ever had in my life, I been in bed doing absolutely nothing but sleep. But now I feel so much better and ready to get back to blogging again I missed posting so much 2 weeks felt like 2 month haha. I have so much to share with you so let’s get right in to it!


First of all how cool are my new Jeans! I got them from NA-KD! These jeans totally made this whole look a bit more Interesting and I love finding items that do’s that to an outfit! NA-KD has everything you could think of when it comes to fashion, so if your are looking to a new outfit use my discount code SALEM10 to get 20% I am also obsessed with the shoes I am wearing, got them a while ago from Zara but found some similar once from Na-KD (link above) It is still a bit to cold to wear them here in Stockholm but I added some fishnet and thought it looked so cool that I had to shear it with you now haha. Hope you guys are having an some start of the new week!



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Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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rynefelt_170127_0396 rynefelt_170127_0516rynefelt_170127_0111rynefelt_170127_0325rynefelt_170127_0283


Skirt & Earring ivyrevel | Coat Monk | Top H&M | Boots Henry kole (HERE)


Happy Valentines days loves!! First of all let explain why I have not done a blog post for a week. I timed some post before I went to Oslo last week, but I can now see that not even one post got uploaded, so sorry about that. I shoot these images a while ago with my photographer Rebecka and they turned out so cool, I love how in the first pictures the skirt and coat makes it look like I am wearing a long skirt. I really enjoy working with creative people like Rebecka and I can’t wait to shoot some more pictures with here in the future.


Black on black is a look that will always work and will always be on trend, I have probably said this before but it is my go to look when I don’t know what to wear, It’s super easy to wear and it always looks put together. The key to make a black on black look pop is to wear different texture of black, as you guys can see on my outfit I am wearing faux leather skirt, a faux fur coat and suede knee high boots, this makes the whole look a bit more interesting rather then wearing something in the textures.


What do you guys really think of Valentines days, I guess when your in a relationship its an excuse to be extra lovey dovie and when your single it is a day that keeps reminding you that your single and need to meet someone asap. I don’t think we need a day to shear love to each other, I think it should be valentines day every day and that you should always let the people you love know how much they mean to you. Okay we don’t need to send balloons and roses every day but at least once a week, right. But don’t get me wrong I am still happy we have a day to only be about love but what I mean is that we should shear this love all the time and have a romantic or cosy date night with your partner, friend or family at least once a week. Hope you guys have an amazing day and receive lots a love not only today but everyday! <3


Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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