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rynefelt_170127_0396 rynefelt_170127_0516rynefelt_170127_0111rynefelt_170127_0325rynefelt_170127_0283


Skirt & Earring ivyrevel | Coat Monk | Top H&M | Boots Henry kole (HERE)


Happy Valentines days loves!! First of all let explain why I have not done a blog post for a week. I timed some post before I went to Oslo last week, but I can now see that not even one post got uploaded, so sorry about that. I shoot these images a while ago with my photographer Rebecka and they turned out so cool, I love how in the first pictures the skirt and coat makes it look like I am wearing a long skirt. I really enjoy working with creative people like Rebecka and I can’t wait to shoot some more pictures with here in the future.


Black on black is a look that will always work and will always be on trend, I have probably said this before but it is my go to look when I don’t know what to wear, It’s super easy to wear and it always looks put together. The key to make a black on black look pop is to wear different texture of black, as you guys can see on my outfit I am wearing faux leather skirt, a faux fur coat and suede knee high boots, this makes the whole look a bit more interesting rather then wearing something in the textures.


What do you guys really think of Valentines days, I guess when your in a relationship its an excuse to be extra lovey dovie and when your single it is a day that keeps reminding you that your single and need to meet someone asap. I don’t think we need a day to shear love to each other, I think it should be valentines day every day and that you should always let the people you love know how much they mean to you. Okay we don’t need to send balloons and roses every day but at least once a week, right. But don’t get me wrong I am still happy we have a day to only be about love but what I mean is that we should shear this love all the time and have a romantic or cosy date night with your partner, friend or family at least once a week. Hope you guys have an amazing day and receive lots a love not only today but everyday! <3


Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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Skärmavbild 2017-02-02 kl. 14.49.49

Skärmavbild 2017-02-02 kl. 14.49.07

Skärmavbild 2017-02-02 kl. 14.51.43

Skärmavbild 2017-02-06 kl. 14.05.13

Pictures from Vogue.com, Elle.se and Whowhatwere.co.uk 


Just wanted to quickly come here and say Happy Monday to you guys! In about 15 min I am of to the airport to attend Oslo runway/Oslo Fashion week. I just finished packing (I always pack last minute and stress my self, really need to learn how to pack better haha). Speaking of Fashion week Found these 4 pictures of me from Stockholm Fashion Week street style. Did not expect to be on vogue.com twice and it makes me so happy to know that people like my style! Thank you vogue.com, Elle.se and WhoWhatwere.co.uk

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rynefelt_170127_0612 rynefelt_170127_0753 rynefelt_170127_1020 rynefelt_170127_0772 rynefelt_170127_0655


Sweater Lala Berlin  | Skirt & Earrings Ivyrevel (Here) | Shoes Henry Kole (Here)


I have posted a lot of this look on my Instagram already but of course I have to post it here as well. How amazing is not this sweater from Lala Berlin! It is so cozy and I love the extra long sleeves. I actually got to meet Leyla Piedayesh (the designer of Lala Berlin) and I just feel in love with her, She’s so kind and so passionate about her design that you can’t not do anything but love her. My new favorit earrings right now are these beauties I am wearing above! Been wearing them so many times since I got them and they really make any look more glamorous looking, I am really in to a mix of glam and casual right now. For you guys who are interested in buying these or anything else at Ivyrevel make sure to use my code SALEM20 to get 20% off your order <3


I am flying to Oslo on Monday to attend Oslo (fashion week) Runway and I am so excited, I have never been to Oslo fashion week before but I have hearda lot of good thing when it comes to Norwegian design so can’t wait to see more of that. I am heading there with Redken and I had so much fun woking with hem last time so I know this trip is going to be awesome!


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Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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Stockholm Fashion Week AW!

_MG_9333-3 RYNEFELT_170130_013 RYNEFELT_SALEMINDRIAS70130_011 copy RYNEFELT_170130_018 RYNEFELT_170130_031 RYNEFELT_170130_032 RYNEFELT_170130_039 RYNEFELT_170130_041 RYNEFELT_SALEMINDRIAS170130_044 copy RYNEFELT_170130_049 _MG_9305 RYNEFELT_170130_090

Pictures from Stockholm fashion week 


I finally could sleep more then 4 hours today! They are rebuilding (or something) right above my rum and every morning around 06:00 they wake me up, but today they didn’t (finally!) hopefully they are done and won’t bother me anymore. Anyways, can you guys believe It is already February? Feels like the new year just started but I guess its been more then a month now, I am happy that we are moving faster towards spring and summer but the time do fly by fast now a days!



Tuesday was the last day of Stockholm Fashion Week, and like always I had so much fun! It is something about fashion week that makes me so happy, I get so inspired, meet so many amazing people (meet the lovely Imane ”Fashion With Faith” (pic 7) for the first time, and she’s so sweet in person) and of course see what is going to be trending next season. I think I have said this before but I do not only get my inspiration from the runways during fashion week but also from the street style, I remember before when I didn’t use to get invited to shows I loved to just walk around outside the venue to see what the elit people in the fashion industry were wearing. I often get questions on how to get in the fashion industry and my biggest tip to anyone is to take risk, and intern. That is the eases way I think for people to be part of not only fashion week but the fashion industry (a degree in fashion dos not hurt) but just have confined in yourself that you can do it, Just fake it to you make It baby and you will be fine, that’s what I did haha! Btw I tired vlogging these few days as well, I have no ide how that will turn out but hopefully you will se a vlog really soon!


Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt & Madelene Billman

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Dream purple jacket

RYNEFELT_170130_001 RYNEFELT_170130_005 RYNEFELT_170130_002 copyRYNEFELT_170130_012

Jacket – Zara (Here) | Blouse – Zalando (Here) | Sweater – Gina Tricot | Pants – H&M | Shoes & Bag – Mango


What a weekend! I have had such a busy but fun few days! Stockholm fashion week is also in full swing right now. It all started on Saturday with a day party with Zalando to kick start Stockholm Fashion week, they served an amazing brunch and I hanged out with some awesome people! After the day party I quickly ran home to change my outfit and then go to a wedding with my family. It is the first time I attended a wedding in January, even though it was cold the love was still there, seeing two people becoming one is truly something magical! After spending a long night at the wedding I overslept the next day and missed Sunday brunch with Colin (the agency I blog at) so sad about that because the food that Mr french served looked amazing. I only had time for one show that day which was Busnel and the collcation was great! After that I again quickly ran to attend part 2 of the wedding (we Eritreans like to celebrate weddings twice haha) enjoyed some awesome food and danced all night with my family!


I really had the best weeked but the fun dos not stop there! Yesterday Fashion week really started for me, I had shows every hour and my awesome photogrerfer Rebecka came with me and we snapped some pictures to show you guys from the whole day, but first let me show you what I wore yesterday. We quickly took these pictuers in between the shows. Found this dream jacket at Zara the day before and just had to wear it! I will shear more from SFW soon!


Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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How To Follow Trends

rynefelt_170119_067 rynefelt_170119_050 rynefelt_170119_003rynefelt_170119_013 copyrynefelt_170119_019rynefelt_170119_044rynefelt_170119_080rynefelt_170119_047rynefelt_170119_093

Coat – Zalando (Here) | Top – Gina Tricot | Pants, Dress & Earrings  – H&M | Shoes – Zara 


Hey lovely reader! Hope you all are having an awesome day today! I just got home not to long ago from a River Island event where they showed their new swim wear collection (follow me on Instagram to see more of that @SalemIndrias). Btw the boots I am wearing on todays outfit just broke, I been wearing them non stop ever since I got them 2 years ago so I guess I kind of understand why, so now I am on a hunt for a new par of trendy black boots


Speaking of trends, I use to think that you should follow them to be in style, but the key is actually to not really follow all the trends but to follow the ones you like and make it your own! There are trends that I don’t think would look good on me or fit my personal style, so why wear it when you know it will only make you feel uncomfortable? Instead get inspired from the trend and make it your own, this way you will feel way more comfortable wearing it and have more confident as well which is a major key (Dj Khaled Voice) in fashion. So my tip to all you up and coming fashionistas is to not worry to much, wear whatever make you feel like Beyoncé and work it! Haha.


Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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These Boots Are Made For Walking

rynefelt_170112_293 rynefelt_170112_180 rynefelt_170112_361 rynefelt_170112_285 rynefelt_170112_496 rynefelt_170112_253 copy rynefelt_170112_616 rynefelt_170112_049

Coat – Stories | Shoes – Nelly (Here) | Skirt & Shirt – Zara | Sweater – Gina Tricot | Bag – Benetton


I have been running around the city all day today and I just came home after a full day of shooting, work and events. I actually had one more event to go to but I was too tired and I think I am starting to get sick, hopefully its nothing serious. I put on my favorite bots from Zara today and there is something about a heels that makes you feel so feminine and confidant, don’t you agree?


A new pair of favorit boots that are in my closet are these thigh high boots in this glossy finish, when I first decided to order them I was a bit unsure if I would love them or hate them but as soon as I as I tried them on I immediately loved them. I also wore them in my last outfit (here). Styling thigh high boots can be a bit tricky, but I love to style them with a longer skirt like I did on today outfit and my last outfit, or you can wear it with a shorter looser dress and I can’t wait to try that this spring with a bright colored dress.


Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt


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salem.ellegala1 EWALDTON_130117_16162 salem.ellegala2 EWALDTON_130117_16151 salem.ellegala11

Pictures from the Elle Gala press breakfast



I can’t believe it is almost 2 years ago since I started blogging for real, and also 2 years ago since I was on the Webb tv show It Girls (and where basically everything started for me). Time flies by so fast and to be able to be invited to amazing events and cool fashion shows that I only could dream of when I was studying in university is so crazy to me. Elle has always been a magazine that I get most of my inspiration from especially when I was younger and Blogger/influensers was not born yet. And to be able to be invited to all these things is such a milestone to me. Event though I didn’t get invited to the actual gala, to get a personal invite for the press breakfast still made my made. A big congratulation to my ex blog colleague (we use to blogg in the same blog portal) Bianca who won ”look of the year” and she so deserves it, she’s such a beauty and so funny!


Growing up I was very shy and didn’t believe in myself, I had very low self esteem and I just didn’t think that my dream of working in the fashion industry was just not possible for me. But after a lot of thinking (really I wanted to start a blog for like a year before I actually did it) and the help of my amazing friends who always pushed me to do it, I am now here today. I remember when I posted my first blog post I was so scared and worried about what people would think, back then I didn’t know anyone who had a blog and in my neighborhood it was kind of lame to have a blogg. Even though I still have a long way to go to accomplish all my dreams, I still have to take a moment and realize how far I have come in just 2 year of blogging. Sometimes we all need to take a moment to look back at everything we have done and appreciated it before we start looking forward.


Photo by Ellen Waldton

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When The Sunrise


EWALDTON_130117_162519 EWALDTON_130117_16278 EWALDTON_130117_16326

Blouse and Skirt – Zalando Here & Here | Coat – Zara | Shoes Nelly Here | Earring – Mango


Oh Monday! I use to hate you but now I am trying to love you, Instead of thinking of Mondays as being the day to go back to work/school, I am now looking at it as a fresh new week to accomplish my goals. Speaking of goals, one of my New Years resolution this year is to start waking up earlier even on my days ”off”. I am a person who loves to sleep (maybe even a bit too much haha) Even though I love to sleep in few more hours I always feel like I wasted the day, specially now when we only have about 5 hours of sun here in Sweden! I woke up early the other day and managed to snap these images while the sun was rising! It was such a beautiful view and these pictures don not do it justice. I also managed to get all my work done by 14:00 and that has never happen before haha.


Do you guys remember the collage I made 2 weeks ago (here)? Well I could not help myself and got the skirt and the blouse from Zalando, and I decided to wear it at the Elle Gala breakfast on Friday. I got so many complements of my outfit that day from everyone and I think purple is my new favorite color!


Hope you all have an amazing start of the new week!

Photo by Ellen Waldton

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Watch my new video HERE!!!


My new video is now finally up on my youtube channel, YAY! Took a while but I managed to upload it this morning but I did not have time to blog. But now I can finally show you guys, So for this weeks video me and my cousin did the ”try to not laugh challenge” I know it is a bit different from what I have done in the past but I wanted to try something new and It was so much fun filming it, we laugh the whole time trying to make the intro, I have so many bloopers but the video would have been 20min long if I kept them all haha.


Editing a video takes so long, even though I think it is a lot of fun to edit a video ,sitting and watching the same clip over and over again you kind of get sick of it haha. I don’t know how the daily vloggers do it, specially the once who put a lot of effort in editing and put super cool effects and all that. But they make it work, so that means I need to make it work. My goal right now is to post one video a week, and when I feel like I have a hang of it then I will try to post 2 times a week! We will so how this will go haha. <3

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