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Let’s Talk Hair!

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Dress River Island | Skinny carf Monki | Bag & Sunglasses Zara

Today I wanted to talk about my new hair! Even though a lot of my friends that have seen me don’t think it’s a big different it is to me. I mean just look how short it is on the pictures above and compare it with my old pictures!

So let me tell you guys what happen, so the plan was to get more volume in my hair and of course I wanted to cut it at my usual place, but they were fully booked until the end of the summer and I wanted to cut it now, I was so sick of it being so straight so I just could not wait anymore. I called my aunty who has similar hair as me to ask her where she usually gets her hair cut, she told me the place and it was near where I live so I called them and asked is they have time today and they said yes. I go there not really thinking it will go wrong I mean I just want more volume she don’t need to cut the length right? Anyways I get there tell her want I want like 3 times just so she understands she said “no problem I totally understand” I was like yay lets do this! She starts washing my hair and I quickly realize she’s not mush of a talking which is fine as long as she understands what I want we don’t need to talk. So we are now back on the chair she quickly combs my hair and gets the scissor and wanted to start cutting, right before she was about to start I tell her once again what I want, you know just to make sure haha, I am that person that needs to know what people are doing before they actually do it, but she just wanted to go straight to cutting and that’s fine if I new you and we been doing this before but I don’t know you like that yet haha, anyways long story short she didn’t understand anything I said and cut off everything. I didn’t really realize how much she did cut of until I got home and did my usual curly hair routine (if you guys have not seen my curly hair routine video you can fine here) I showed my mom and she was like ”I told you not to go there”, I was like ”its really that bad” hahha. Now its been about 2 weeks since I got the hair cut and even though it was not really what I wanted I like it more and more, and guys it is so easy to comb my hair now haha!

But yea that was my little story, I do think we need more hair dresses in Sweden that are only for curly hair girls there are so many I know who don’t know where to get there hair cut anymore because people just don’t understand curly hair!

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