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Cristo Redentor

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– in collaboration with sverigemotiv.se –


A city I always wanted to visit is Rio and even though I don’t have any plans to go there anytime soon pimping my wall with cities I love and want to travel to helps the wait a bit and keeps reminding me to save up some money to go there. A site I recently stumble up on and right now having a collaboration with is Sverigemotiv, they have a bunch of cool posters of different citys and because I always wanted to go to Ria I choose the epic statue of Cristo Redentor! I also got a poster of the Eiffel tower because I never been to Paris as well (but hopefully that will change next year!)


If you like me love decorating your wall with Posters check out www.sverigemotiv.se


And if you Use the Code Salem20 You will get 20% of your order!


Happy shopping!

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