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Hope you all are having an awesome weekend so far, I am right now in Uppsala with my family about to have our family dinner before it is time for me to go back to work again. It is so cold right now so I am going to spend my weekend inside and watch some movies with my little cousin.


Something new I want to try here on my blog is to share with you some things I am lovning at the moment and it can really be anything, so here we go!

A color I been in too lately is purple Specially that pastel purple color!


Something I have been thinking of buying for a while now is that gucci belt, everyone is wearing it at the moment but I would like to get one in silver instead of gold that everyone is wearing.


A boyy bag I have had on my wish list for a while now is not only the Chanel boy bag that we all know of, but this beauty that I have seen a lot during fashion week last season and fell in love with it ever since, a boyy bag!

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