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Your insecurities someone else can see as beauty!


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I have been trying to upload my new Youtube video for hours now but It is taking forever to upload! I even tried to make the file smaller but it is still not working, I am now trying to upload it from my laptop instead and it is working but it still is taking forever, so my video will be up tomorrow instead (sorry). And this is also why I am posting this blog post so late. I don’t wanna tell you guys too much about what the video is going to be about but its something new I am trying and it tured out really funny!


I don’t know if you guys have noticed this, but I am shooting my outfits more and more without sunglasses, this might sound weird but sunglasses was my way of hiding my ”ugly eyes”! I have for a long time now had insecurities with my eyes, I just do not like them and sunglasses was my way of hiding them. Looking back at my old outfit photos from when I just started blogging I was so shy and scared of being infront of the camera, that quickly changed the more outfits pictures I took, but I was still so insecurities about my eyes that I always wore sunglasses to cover them up. But now I am learning to except them more and more. I feel like I need to do a whole post about this subject because who has not had insecurities about there bodys and always wonder when or how will you learn to accept it. One thing I have learn about myself is that whenever I smile or laugh and do not think so much about it, it always turns out great. I took these pictures with a new photographer that I have never meet before and was no nervous (I still always get a bit nervous when someone new takes pictures of me) but just by not thinking so much about it she managed to capture an amazing pictures of my putting my cloves on and laughing about how stupid I am not wearing a scarf when it was so cold outside haha. The point is not to think about it too much because your insecurities someone else can se as beauty!


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Photo by: Rebecka Rynefelt

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  • januari 13, 2017

    OMG what are you talking about? Your eyes are beautiful!! You are beautiful ❤️

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