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Watch my new video HERE!!!


My new video is now finally up on my youtube channel, YAY! Took a while but I managed to upload it this morning but I did not have time to blog. But now I can finally show you guys, So for this weeks video me and my cousin did the ”try to not laugh challenge” I know it is a bit different from what I have done in the past but I wanted to try something new and It was so much fun filming it, we laugh the whole time trying to make the intro, I have so many bloopers but the video would have been 20min long if I kept them all haha.


Editing a video takes so long, even though I think it is a lot of fun to edit a video ,sitting and watching the same clip over and over again you kind of get sick of it haha. I don’t know how the daily vloggers do it, specially the once who put a lot of effort in editing and put super cool effects and all that. But they make it work, so that means I need to make it work. My goal right now is to post one video a week, and when I feel like I have a hang of it then I will try to post 2 times a week! We will so how this will go haha. <3

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