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Me and Freddie right after the show


This Monday I was on live TV for the first time ever!! If you live in Sweden you have probably already heard of Barnkanalen before, it is basically a channel for kid/ung youth and I got invited to be part of a show called Random Mix. I had never heard of this show before but after some ”googling” I just could not say no. Random mix is a show for the older kids to talk about different topics with different profiles and the audience watching can also live chat with the profiles, basically a awesome show!


I was so nervous before going live. I mean I have never done anything like this before and what if I say something wrong or even worst what if I froze. Ever since I was in the show It Girls (almost 2 years ago I was in a webb tv-show called It Girls in Sweden. If you wanna se the show click here, its in Swedish though) I have learned that you have to go out of your comfort zone to be able to grow as a person, even if it all go’s horribly at least you tried it and you will always learn something from it.

As soon as I got there and meet the whole crew they were so welcoming and sweet that everything felt so comfortable and while the show started the nerves just slowly disappeared. Freddie (the host of the show) Is such a sweetheart and has probably the best laugh ever, he made it all go so smoothly and the 30min that I was on air felt like 10 min it all just went so fast. I got to chat with so many kids (maybe some of you guys saw/chatted with me too) I wish I had the time to answer all the comments but time just ran out. I had so much fun being there and I hope I get to do more TV show appearances in the future.


Thank you Random Mix for having me  had a blast!

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