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Photos by Maybelline

It is almost the weekend and I am right now on my way to Gothenburg together with NA-KD. to see what exactly I am doing there make sure to follow me on Instagram (HERE) I have been to Gothenburg a few times now but I have never really seen the city, every time I do go to Gothenburg it is always for a day or two with a brand, so the schedule is usually pretty packed but I love it anyway. This time I am only there for a day (even less then a day to be honest) but I am still super excited!

Yesterday I was at a lovely event with Maybelline where beautiful Madelene Bilman was the host! They showed us some of there new spring collections that will be in stores soon, we also got a huge goodie bag hihi. I have not had the chances to try all the products yet but I did use there new eyebrow pencil today and I love it, the color fit me perfectly. However I did get a bit disappointed on there lip products, the formula and everything is amazing but they had some darker nudes that would have looked so good on my skin tone in there collection but they are not going to sell them in Sweden wish sucks! This has been a problem I been having for so long. so many amazing brands don’t sell all there products here and it is usually the ”darker colored products. I had a little chat with he lovely team at maybellin and they said that it is the stores who decided how much of what they want to sell from that brand so its not there fault. I still feel like this has to change now that we are in 2017 should not everyone be abel to use makeup and not only the ”typical swedes”?

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