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Thank you Creative Headz & Redken for taking care of my hair


As I mentioned on my last post I got a new haircut! I was just planning on going darker and cut some of my split ends, my goal was to get more volume. But while I was sitting there at the hairdresser she said that my ends looked pretty bad after me going a bit lighten last time, which was one of the reasons why my curls didn’t curl up as usual and didn’t give me the volume I wanted. So without really thinking how much needed to be cut I said ”Do it”.


She started off by cutting some of my hair of dry, and then colored it, I have to say that I absolutely love the color, it might just seem black (dark dark brown to be correct) but it actually has some purple/red toons on the parts were I got lighter last time (you can’t really se it on the pictures above, but sometimes you can hehe). After she colored my hair it was time to cut it, I didn’t really understand how short it was until she started to diffuse my hair, imagine me bent over with her diffusing my hair and then coming back up and realizing my hair was to my shoulders! I was in a shock haha, but I still liked it, just was not ready for it to be that short.


It’s been about 5 days now since I had my haircut and not only do I have way more volume I also noticed that I am not losing as much hair as I did before, I think my bad split ends made it difficult for me to comb which made me lose more hair then usual. I love my haircut more and more each day, even though I love my long hair (I don’t think I ever had my hair this short before, okay maybe once when I was 6 and had to cut my hair but that’s another story). What do you guys think? <3

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