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Italian Food

I feel so bad whenever I am not posting here on the blog and I am so sorry for that guys, I have been feeling so sick the whole weekend and yesterday I had the worst headache ever. I still had to...

New Favorite Jeans

New Favorite Jeans - HERE I have been looking for the perfect pair of jeans for while now and when I went to urban outfitters last week I found these baby’s I just had to get them. They are the perfect girlfriend fit jeans and guess...

3 Curly Hair Hacks

I often get questions about my hair and how I take care of it and so on. So today I thought I could shear some tips that have worked for me and hope they can help you guys too! //Jag får ofta frågor om mitt hår...

I Need This In My Closet!

1 Here | 2 Here | 3 Here | 4 Here I have been trying so hard not to go shopping as much these past months, because I really need to save some money, but seeing all the new arrivals at Zara makes it so hard...

How To Take Photos Like A Pro!

  All photos by: Lisa Höök I have learned so much about photography from my good friend Lisa and ever since we went to Italy together last year she pretty much taught me everything I know now about photography, she taught me everything from how to set...

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